Canvas Wall Art & Framed Prints

Each piece below is currently in stock and available for islandwide delivery!



Canvas 10x14 - CI $175

Canvas 16x20 - CI $250

Canvas 20x30 - CI $350

Framed 20x20 - CI $150

Framed 20x28 - CI $120

Waves of Change - Canvas 20x30
Seas the Day - Canvas 20x30
Pink Sky - Canvas 20x30
Palm II - Canvas 20x30
Lily B&W - Canvas 20x30
Cobalt Coast - Canvas 20x30
Caribbean Sea - Canvas 20x30
Cayman Postcard - Canvas 20x30
Dock of West Bay B&W - Canvas 20x30
Seascape II - Canvas 10x14
Sunset Palm - Canvas 10x14
Pool Daze I - Canvas 10x14
Rocky Shores - Canvas 10x14
Governors Beach - Canvas 10x14
Cayman Kai Palms - Canvas 10x14
The Beach I - Canvas 16x20
Morgans Harbour - Canvas 10x14
Dock of West Bay - Canvas 10x14
Palm I - Canvas 16x20
Seven Mile Sailboat - Canvas 16x20
The Beach I - Framed Box 20x20
Seven Mile Beach - Framed 20x28
Cayman Poster - Framed 20x28
Aerial Sea - Framed 20x28
Aerial Beach I - Framed 20x28
Aerial Beach II - Framed 20x28
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